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DeConstruction Services, LLC is a 14-year old environmental company based in Fairfax, VA that disassembles residential and small commercial buildings throughout the DC metropolitan area.  We assist building owners in donating reusable material from these jobs to a partnering IRS tax exempt 501(c)(3))nonprofit organization, The ReBuild Warehouse, that sells it for substantially reduced prices to the general public, remodeling companies, property managers, landlords, and homeowners for their building and renovation needs.  In the process, DeConstruction Services, LLC seeks to:

·         recycle or reclaim for reuse approximately 80% of the structure
·         enable the donors to earn a significant tax deduction for their donations
·         save the property owner expensive debris hauling and disposal costs
·         provide trade skills and permanent employment for hard-to-place workers.  

Corporate mission
Our company’s mission is to maximize:
• the amount of used building materials kept out of the landfill
• The amount of deductions an owner can claim by donating reclaimed building material for charitable purposes.

What is deconstruction? 
The careful dismantling of a structure’s reusable finished and recyclable building materials in order to maximize its recycling and reuse (read detailed description of our process).
Who might be interested in deconstruction?

Who might be interested in deconstruction?

  • Those interested in such environmental issues as reducing their carbon footprint, saving dwindling landfill space, saving embodied energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and preventing toxic chemicals from leaching into the groundwater
  • Homeowners seeking to renovate expand their current residence
  • Homeowners who want to demolish their older home so they can build a new house on the site
  • A builder under contract with a homeowner to remodel or build a new home (or bidding on bidding such a job) and seeking to be more competitive by reducing hauling and disposal costs and providing the a owner a tax benefit
  • Commercial building owners or property managers changing over tenants and needing to prepare the vacated space for lease to new tenants.

What are the benefits of deconstruction?

  • Generates substantial tax deductions for the property owner
  • Makes available used building materials at greatly reduced prices to homeowners, remodelers, landlords, and property management companies
  • Recycles unusable building materials into mulch, aggregate fill, and reusable metal
  • Reduces need for construction & demolition (C&D) landfill space
  • Saves natural resources and embodied energy contained inherent in the reclaimed materials
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Creates new, stable jobs in an growing “green collar” industry
  • Provides nonprofit organizations, such as The ReBuild Warehouse, with an ongoing stream of reclaimed build materials to sell that generates revenue for their mission
  • Is both environmentally friendly and cost-competitive with traditional demolition.

What are the categories of deconstruction services? 
         Whole house disassembly and take-down view examples
         Major renovation (expansion upward or outward) view examples
         Skim (removal of most valuable materials prior to the structure being demolished) view examples

Who performs deconstruction services in the DC Metro area? 
DeConstruction Services, LLC is the only company in the DC metro area providing full house and partial deconstruction of residential and commercial buildings on a full-time basis. We have successfully completed over 200 projects and are licensed as a Class B contractor in Virginia and certified and insured to work in DC and Maryland.

Visit our newest Northern Virginia Partner ... ReBuild   
Rebuild is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed in May 2008 to acquire a warehouse that can accept used building material donations, sell the products as deeply discounted prices to the public, and use the proceeds to train unemployed and underemployed unskilled workers for “green collar” jobs.  Point your browser to http://www.rebuildwarehouse.org for more information.

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