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Company Description

Founded in 2004

Successfully completed over 100 jobs -- 30-40 structures annually

Perform whole house, major renovation, and skim work

Work throughout the DC Metro area

Employ total of 15 workers

Provide permanent employment at livable wages for at-risk workers

Partner with The ReBuild Warehouse in Springfield, VA which receives the property owner’s donated material.


Company Services

  • Disassemble residential and commercial buildings for maximum product reuse for its original intended purpose or recycling (e.g., broken wood for wood chips, asphalt shingles for road patch, metal for remanufacturing, masonry for newly sized aggregate for road beds, etc.)

  • Initiate necessary asbestos survey and removal work

  • Remove liquid mercury from older thermostats

  • Arrange for HVAC contractor to remove Freon from central air conditioning units and refrigerators

  • Remove lighting fixtures, hardwood flooring, kitchen cabinets, appliances, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, shower doors, dropped ceilings, windows, interior and exterior doors, rafters, ceiling and floor joists, slate roofs, exterior shutters, cement pavers, porch lights, garage doors and automatic garage door openers

  • Arrange for truck or roll-offs to pick-up donated reusable building materials, recycled material, and unusable debris and load material onto them

  • Assist owner in determining value of donated building products

  • Ensure owner receives the appropriate IRS tax forms and documentation from nonprofit charitable organizations receiving the donated building products

  • Prepare final portfolio containing detailed donated product inventory and digital photos of deconstruction process and representative donated products


Company Statistics (August 2004 -  October 2008)

Number of deconstruction projects completed 143
Value of property owner donations of reclaimed used building material $3 million
Square feet deconstructed 194,387
Number of harvestable trees saved                                                         3,207
Equivalent number of football-sized field size plots of plantation pine trees needed to produce  the number of harvestable trees saved 680
Cubic feet of landfill space saved 818,369
Avoided demolition disposal costs   $246,871
Square feet of deconstructed lumber provided for affordable housing 64,148

Number of extra worker man-years resulting from deconstruction instead of demolition                     

Total BTUs (in millions) of embodied energy preserved 75,000
BTUs (in millions) of embodied energy preserved by:  
    o  Recycling steel and plastics 5,696
    o  Reuse of recovered lumber  2,274
Equivalent gallons of gasoline saved 20,271
Equivalent number of greenhouse gas-emitting cars taken off the road as a result of recycling & reusing lumber & panel products 278
Equivalent tons of greenhouse gases not produced if wood is reused 24

* Source: The Deconstruction Institute on-line “Benefit Calculator” at www.deconstructioninstitute.com       



Weight of Actual Materials Recycled**

Tons of copper and brass recycled           1.6
Tons of aluminum recycled 5.4
Tons of ferrous metal recycled 76.1
Tons of misc,/mixed metals recycled 1.6
Square feet of roofing slate recycled 6,017
Tons of clean wood recycled 511
Tons of asphalt roof shingles recycled                                                            217
Ounces of toxic mercury recovered 7.3
Pounds of Freon recycled 120.7

  ** Source: DeConstruction Services, LLC records as of November 7, 2008